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Content Copy and Migration

Running Page

Themed using XHTML and CSS from scratch with a Photoshop design. Set up basic content types like news, race events, and photo galleries. Also styled the main race pages (ex: Winterman Marathon) and adding tabs for each section of race events. 

Running Page is an online community sponsored program for runners seeking more info about marathons, races, running gears and many other related services.

Buy Mounts

Themed frontend using XHTML, CSS and Web Standards. Utilized Drupal CMS with Ubercart module for the backend e-commerce side to create an extensive catalog of TV and monitor mounts. Also added all the necessary shipping and handling, paypal support and other services the client asked for.

Slideshows, rating systems and easy updates are the extras given to this robust e-commerce site.


Created scripts to import and convert database from Joomla to Drupal content management system. Must have thorough understanding of both Joomla and Drupal database architecture to correctly map entities from one table to another. Created scripts to import users, files and contents.

GoTribal is a social networking site for women athletes around the world to meet up for events or chat.

DUHS Commercial

Themed the front end with Dreamweaver and set up backend with Drupal. Followed Web Standards in coding XHTML and CSS.

DUHS Commercial deals with real estate for businesses and the retail market.

Continuing Psychology Education

Converted an existing backend from Coldfusion to PHP and fixed coding errors.

Continuing Psychology Education allows users to take exams online and have a choice to receive their certificate of completion through online or through mail depending on how they paid for their exam. Each exam has a corresponding solution sheet in the back-end PHP code that matches with the user's inputs so that the results are given to the user as soon as they finish their exam. This makes it easier for users to receive their certificate as quickly as possible.

Coastal Payroll Services

Updated contents and improved user interface through creation of new scripts.

Coastal Payroll is a payroll service utilized by many different corporations for their employees all across the nation. Formed by two partners who combined their experience in the payroll and consulting areas to develop a service offering that is driven by simple, efficient, top quality products and processes coupled with best-in-class customer service.


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